Angela and Danielle’s philosophy of how to encourage the human spirit through yoga, sound healing, and connecting with the earth inspired them to create opportunities for personal growth and transformation through fun events and beautiful retreats. Helping you to disconnect, to reconnect, and awakening that inner spark and excitement for life.

~ Unplugging Is The New Luxury ~

When we retune to the frequency of nature, our bodies naturally feel at peace and well being.

Angela Beaver and Danielle Hall, create a beautiful environment for you to surrender and unplug from your day to day, and re-connect to the healthy VIBRATION of the earth, realign your body through yoga, release blocks and expand your consciousness through sound.

Our escapes are designed to encourage you to embrace your true nature, soothe your mind, re-connect and re-energize to a healthy VIBRATION.

Danielle Hall

Sound Bath

Angela Beaver

Yoga Teacher

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